Oxford Energy Associates provides energy and climate change policy advice.


Oxford Energy Associates is an independent consultancy specialising in energy and climate change policy advice. We work through a network of associates to give clients access to expertise on a wide range of policy issues.

OEA was set up by Chatham House Associate Fellow William Blyth. It is a team of trusted and impartial advisors who research, inform and influence the global transition to a sustainable energy system, taking account of climate change and social equity.


Latest projects

Oxford Energy Associates works with governments and commercial organisations worldwide.

We have helped companies and governments respond to the challenges arising in the energy sector, ranging from issues such as climate change policy, strategic energy planning, renewable energy assessments, emissions trading, electricity sector modelling, energy efficiency and CO2 abatement strategies.



Oxford Energy Associates’ core services can be divided into two parts: policy design work for government clients and policy response work for private sector clients.

Energy now underpins virtually all economic activity. With over a decade of experience working with both business and government clients, Oxford Energy Associates’ mission is to aid governments to implement good policy design, and companies to respond to new and changing policies in a robust way.