Oxford Energy Associates’ core services can be divided into two parts: policy design work for government clients and policy response work for private sector clients.

Energy now underpins virtually all economic activity. With over a decade of experience working with both business and government clients, Oxford Energy Associates’ mission is to aid governments to implement good policy design, and companies to respond to new and changing policies in a robust way.

Policy design

Oxford Energy Associates is able to bring to bear its experience of the business sector when working with governments, since an understanding of how companies are likely to respond to new policy is essential to developing good policy design, as is a knowledge of international best practice and likely interactions between new policy and existing policies.

Policy response

Likewise, we are able to utilise our experience of government policy-making when working with business clients, helping them to develop robust strategies to deal with the ever-changing policy environment they face. We can help companies understand how policies affect them financially, and how the likely evolution of policy in the future impacts on their investment choices now.

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