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Oxford Energy Associates works with governments and commercial organisations worldwide. We have helped companies and governments respond to the challenges arising in the energy sector, ranging from issues such as climate change policy, strategic energy planning, renewable energy assessments, emissions trading, electricity sector modelling, energy efficiency and CO2 abatement strategies.
The following posts outline some of the recent projects we have been involved with.  Alternatively, click here for a detailed list of publications arising from OEA’s projects.

“Building Back Better” in Practice

A Science-Policy Framework for a Green Economic Recovery after COVID-19, policy research working paper, Theodoros Zachariadis, Nestor Fylaktos, Elias Giannakis, Constantinos Taliotismarios, Karmellos, Mark Howells,

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Energy White Paper blog

This UKERC blog by Will Blyth outlines the key messages from the Government’s Energy White Paper which sets out commitments and policy proposals for a

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Decision-support tools

Article published in Climatic Change with Paul Watkiss. A review of decision-support tools for assessing climate change adaptation investments.

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Denial of Fossil Fuel Subsidies Hobbles UK Energy Policy

UK politicians are mired in a fruitless blame-game about energy prices. But high prices are not the problem. It is the total bill that matters, especially to poorer consumers. Dealing with the poor efficiency standards of existing UK housing stock is the way to tackle this. And reducing fossil fuel subsidies could provide the source of finance to do so.

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UK Energy Subsidies

OEA wrote the background paper which launched the Parliamentary Inquiry into UK energy subsidies on April 24th 2013.  The report sets out the various ways

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