Oxford Energy Associates works with a range of other independent consultants, each of whom is a recognised expert with at least 10 years of experience in the respective fields. This arrangement allows clients to combine the cost-effectiveness of working with independent consultants, with the ability to draw on a wide range of expertise across the whole spectrum of energy and environmental issues. For larger projects, Oxford Energy Associates can put together a project team from amongst these associates, or alternatively clients may wish to engage consultants directly – their contact details are provided below.

Will Blyth

William BlythWill Blyth has worked for 20 years in the field of modelling and analysis of energy security and climate change policy. He is Director of Oxford Energy Associates, an Associate Fellow of Chatham House, and Visiting Research Fellow at London Business School. His work focuses on the role of policy on investment decision-making and risk, and how to deliver secure energy supplies within a context of transition to a low-carbon economy.  Click for a review of recent projects and publications.

Email: | Tel: +44 (0)1865 873 007

Paul Watkiss

Paul Watkiss is an independent researcher with 20 years’ experience of multi-disciplinary research in climate change and environmental policy.  Paul has leading expertise in environmental in external costs analysis, policy appraisal, cost-benefit analysis, appraisal and evaluation. His main area of expertise focuses on the impacts and economic costs of climate change, and the costs and benefits of adaptation.  Paul has led numerous major studies for the UK government, European Commission,  and many other organisations.  He has written over 100 publications, reports and conference papers.

Email: | Tel: +44 (0)797 104 9682

Matthew Savage

Matthew Savage Matthew is an international policy, finance and investment expert specialising in sustainable energy, greenhouse gas mitigation and climate resilience. He is Director of Oxford Consulting Partners, and has acted as a consultant to a range of international agencies, including the World Bank, IFC, EBRD, EIB, AfDB, European Commission and UNDP.  He was seconded to DFID as the low carbon economist on its programming of the International Climate Fund. Since 2004 he has led climate and energy security training for the Foreign Office, and has supported FCO regional strategy processes in North America, Latin America and South East Asia. He has worked on UK-funded climate change programmes in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Kenya, Indonesia, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Rwanda, Saudi Arabia, and Tanzania. He has provided expert economic input to the UK Climate Change Review, the UK Energy Review and the Stern Review on the Economics of Climate Change.  He holds higher degrees from the Netherlands Business School and the University of Oxford.

Email: | Tel: +44 (0)1865 722 580  | Web:

Morgan Bazilian


Morgan Bazilian has two decades of experience in the energy sector. Morgan Bazilian is the Deputy Director of the Joint Institute for Strategic Energy Analysis (JISEA). He is also a Senior Research Fellow at the Global Green Growth Institute. Previously, Morgan was the Special Advisor to the Director-General of UNIDO on international energy policy, engaged with the design and implementation of the UN Sustainable Energy for All initiative.

Prior to his time in the United Nations, was Chief of Cabinet for the Minister of Energy in Ireland, after being Director of the clean energy division of Ireland’s National Energy Authority for several years. Morgan has been the lead climate change negotiator for the European Union on low-carbon technology, and a member of the UNFCCC’s Expert Group on Technology Transfer (EGTT).

Email:  | Tel: +  +1 303 275 3885

Jim Whittle

Jim Whittle

Jim Whittle has 20 years’ experience in online marketing, advertising and reporting. He has managed, marketed, edited, implemented, designed and maintained the Web presence of a variety of companies, government bodies and NGOs around the world for more than fifteen years, including for DfES and the ‘Envirowise’ agency for Defra. He has also written for national newspapers, for the Web, advertising copy, press releases, offline marketing collateral, magazine features and fiction.